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Dual Enrollment

Opportunities for qualified high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit.
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Jumpstart Your College Education

UHC offers Dual Enrollment, an innovative program that gives qualified high school juniors or seniors opportunities to earn college credits.  Dual Enrollment students can take up to 11 semester credit hours at UHC during the fall or spring semesters.  Students attend regular UHC classes with other college students.  We welcome Dual Enrollment students from all high schools, including public, private, parochial, and charter schools throughout the region.  At UHC, we want to help you get started on the next step of your academic journey.

Are You Ready?

Dual Enrollment programs are increasingly being offered across the country as a way to help qualified high school students earn college credits and achieve every step of the way.  Through Dual Enrollment, you can take the college courses most interesting to you, get started on your general educational requirements, or explore an intriguing subject. When you start college, your Dual Enrollment credits will go with you, giving you a head start and better preparation for academic success. 

What Are Other Benefits?

Through Dual Enrollment at UHC, students can save valuable time and money on their college education.  You can also experience what it is like to take college courses in a nurturing environment such as UHC.  If you're ready for Dual Enrollment courses, UHC is ready to welcome you.

You'll Always Find Support At UHC

Dual Enrollment students are nurtured and guided every step of the way.  As a small university with a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, UHC is an ideal place for high school students to ease into college courses.  Students never get lost in the crowd and have a personalized experience with caring faculty.  Dual Enrollment students also have access to UHC’s extensive library and free tutoring services. As a student enrolled in college-level academics, you will have the support systems.

What Classes Will You Choose?

UHC offers more than 65 academic programs, including Biology, Business, Education, Social Sciences, Counseling, English, and Theology.  Students can major in General Studies or Liberal Arts, as well as Nursing or Radiologic Technology.  General educational and elective courses are offered in this wide range of disciplines.  Our faculty is experienced, accomplished, and caring.  As a fully accredited liberal arts university, UHC credits are transferable to other accredited academic programs.  For more information on UHC accreditation or to view the Course Catalog, visit

Join Our Accomplished Community

UHC graduates distinguish themselves in fields such as Education, Nursing, Business, and Allied Health.  Our graduates move on to graduate programs in fields such as Counseling and professional programs in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and law.  As a university that serves primarily local students, the majority of our alumni live, work, and thrive in the New Orleans area. 

Qualifying For Dual Enrollment

High school juniors or seniors who have approval from their guidance counselors may apply.   In addition, candidates must have

  • a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 or higher;
  • a minimum ACT Test score of 18 in English and 20 in Math, or equivalent scores on UHC's ACCUPLACER Placement Test.

Interested?  Let's Get Started

Applying for Dual Enrollment is easy. Submit the online application at, along with your high school transcript and official copies of your ACT or ACCUPLACER test results. There is no application fee.

What Does It Cost?

Dual Enrollment allows you to save tuition costs.  Take your first 3 credit hours each semester for a flat rate of $100.  Additional courses are $100 per credit hour.   

Talk to an Admissions Counselor—We're Here To Help

At UHC, our Admissions Counselors are happy to answer questions from parents or high school students about Dual Enrollment.  We can give you more information about how Dual Enrollment can help you meet your educational goals.  Contact Admissions at (504) 398-2175 or



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